New Release! Color My World: A Sweet Romance


Announcing my newest release: Color My World: A Sweet Romance (New Beginnings Series – Book 2)



Even fake success comes at a price.

After a tough year and a crushing breakup, Cassie moves to an artsy small town for a fresh start. She’s now hours away from her friends, but also far away from her past.

She starts her new life by throwing herself into her painting career, but without any early success, she starts to wonder if she made a mistake. Then Hank walks up to her farmers’ market booth and becomes her first customer.

Desperate to make a sale, she tells him how successful she is as an artist. With his interest growing, she can’t tell whether it’s because of her natural talent, or because of her lie. She hopes for a relationship more than strictly professional, but she’s in too deep to easily dig herself out.

If you enjoy sweet romance stories with happily ever afters, no cliffhangers, and a quaint, small-town setting, then you’ll love this second installment in Laura Westbrook’s heartwarming series.


You can find it here (free if you have Kindle Unlimited)

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